Welcome to the Port Credit Art Tour, Carol-Ann Michaelson.Carol-Ann Michaelson 4

I first met Carol-Ann several years ago when we both had an artist studio at the Williams Mill in Glen Williams, Ontario. At that time, Carol-Ann worked as a potter and did so for many years. She has travelled, interned and taught internationally. It’s been interesting to watch the path of her career as she now moves into jewellery designing and making, still working with clay, but now using metal clay. Her work has an old world feel to it in a lot of her original designs. In her own words below, Carol-Ann describes briefly her influences and her journey.

Carol-Ann Michaelson 3 250“As the daughter of an artist and an engineer, I had the perfect set of influences to become a craftsperson.   From my mom, I inherited the love of envisioning and creating and from my dad,  how to embrace the challenge of problem solving the construction of a new design.

I am a maker.  Over the years I have produced work in fibre, mixed media, wood, drawing and painting.  But ceramics has been my first love for over 30 years.  Clay has a unique combination of aesthetics and technical, chemical, pyrotechnical and physical challenges that have perfectly suited who I am.  That, too, is why Metal Clay is the perfect medium for this stage in my life as an artist.  While the final, fired product is, indeed, fine or Sterling silver or gold or bronze or copper, it begins its journey with me as a material that works like clay.”

More information about Carol-Ann Michaelson and her jewellery can be found on her website www.carolannmichaelson.com