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Charles Wakefield studied at Ontario College of Art from 1988 until 1997 as a part-time student in the Fine Arts Drawing and Painting Program. Also a graduate from McGill University in both Geophysics and in Economics, initially, he worked in the geosciences, first in gold and base metals exploration, until 1988, then while studying at O.C.A.D., Charles worked in environmental science and hydrogeology, a profession which he continues to practice today.

As part of his Fine Arts Program, he included courses in illustration, sculpture in metal and clay as well as drawing and painting courses. After graduating from O.C.A.D. in 1997, Charles completed a Masters in Environmental Applied Science and Management at Ryerson University in 2004 and served with the O.C.A.D. Alumni Association for about five years ending in about 2002. More recently, he completed a mural painting certificate at Centennial College, in which he and a group of painters painted a pretty fantastic mural on a public washroom in coordination with Mural Routes and Amnesty International, under the mentorship of muralist John Hood.

Since graduating from Ryerson, Charles has focused on painting landscapes and cityscapes, with a special interest in painting au plein air, and in particular, in painting out of doors in winter. Having enjoyed working outdoors for most of his career in the geosciences, it was a natural progression to want to paint in it. Some of his motifs include the Don Valley Brick Works of which he has painted some 30 paintings between 2008 and 2010, of various sizes, painted mostly, although not entirely, on location. Other areas of interest include the Canadian Northland, particularly in the Algoma area west of Killarney Park and the Toronto Waterfront. Most of his works are painted in oil, but Charles does occasionally use other media, including watercolour, acrylics, charcoal and graphite.

In 2011 he joined the Don Valley Art Club and has shown with the club frequently since then. He also has shown with other groups and has organized various shows in the Toronto area. He has received two awards at DVAC Spring Shows (Best Marine Landscape 2012 and Best Landscape 2013).

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