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As the daughter of an artist and an engineer, I had the perfect set of influences to become a craftsperson.   From my mom, I inherited the love of envisioning and creating and from my dad,  how to embrace the challenge of problem solving the construction of a new design.

I am a maker.  Over the years I have produced work in fibre, mixed media, wood, drawing and painting.  But ceramics has been my first love for over 30 years.  Clay has a unique combination of aesthetics and technical, chemical, pyrotechnical and physical challenges that have perfectly suited who I am.  That, too, is why Metal Clay is the perfect medium for this stage in my life as an artist.  While the final, fired product is, indeed, fine or Sterling silver or gold or bronze or copper, it begins its journey with me as a material that works like clay.

I have moved from the macro-like process of creating dynamic functional and non-functional objects with a kiln the size of your car to a micro-sized process focused on the intimacy of hand crafted fine jewellery.  My kiln is now the size of a hat box.

A common thread is the importance of my relationship with my clients.  I love creating something that has an air of mystery or an extra touch of elegance.  It gives me great pleasure to see the enjoyment resulting from my work being worn, either for that special occasion or as a favourite, every day piece.

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