Dorothy Kake

Egg Artist

Dorothy Kake oct eggs

I have always been interested in crafts and all things miniature.  I dabbled in many different crafts and read any craft publication I could get my hands on.  An article on decorating eggs caught my eye because it seemed to be a craft that incorporated so many different skill sets.  It was an American publication, of course, so I had to teach myself the basics since no one else in Canada was practicing that particular craft. From there I tried my hand at painting with courses at Humber College and eventually I took the Metal Arts course at Humber to learn how Faberge made his fantastic egg creations. My obvious inspiration is Faberge.  It is amazing what you can do with real egg shells. Some “eggers”  have tried to replicate his designs. I prefer to take what he did and adapt it to my own original designs. As I said, “egging” combines so many different crafts, from miniature dioramas, to painting, beading, pysanky, carving and etching, that there is always something new to try.

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