George Christou

Metal Worker

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I have been working in Metal from my home studio for six years where the floor space keeps getting smaller due to the ever increasing supply of “good stuff”. My first forays into metal working occurred in middle school. I learned basic skills in forging, machining and welding. I come from a long line of artisans in my family. Mother taught me patience. Father taught me perspective and to use my imagination. Besides my early experiences working with metal, I am basically self-taught.

Recently, I have completed a blacksmithing course and hope to develop my smithing skills further in the future. My projects are what I call Eco-Art. “Found” objects serve as the medium for my creations. I get much personal satisfaction knowing that I have reused something that would have gone into our landfills. Family and friends also feel they are doing their part for the environment when they give me their old metal tools to be reused in my pieces.

Using my creativity and somewhat different perspective, I use these materials to create whimsical and diverse sculptures. I enjoy the challenges that designing a commission entails. Experimenting with different processes and techniques has allowed me to learn and develop my capabilities. Metal intrigues me because I believe the possibilities are endless. The enjoyment that people receive from my sculptures, inspires me further. I have been told that many of my sculptures exhibit personalities of their own….

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