Layne Verbeek

Glass Artist

Layne Verbeek cherry tree 250

Layne Verbeek works to predictably harness the transformational qualities of glass-working to bring about unpredictable moments of surprise for the viewer. He is drawn to the often brief yet powerful energy, curiosity, and wonder we experience when encountering the unexpected. Through his art, he takes advantage of the fact that the most powerful surprises we experience are also the most likely to be permanently locked as a moment, thought, or emotion into our memory.  

Layne’s particular affinities for glass appear in his work in the positives and voids he shapes into sculptures. He has a great love of color and never shies away from using it. Kiln-casting allows Layne to mix and juxtapose colors in unexpected combinations allowing him, for example, to make glass that looks instead like stone, granite or clay.

Early Life

Like many other artists who work in glass, Layne has had a life-long passion for creating art. Before finally discovering glass he worked in clay, photography, and mixed media sculpture. It was his experience with glass, however, that led him to a complete career change.

Layne started glass kiln casting in 2014 after 25 years as a senior public relations and marketing expert. And, from this earlier career, Verbeek developed an acute sense of the power of a single image, shape or word. Today he is dedicated to interpreting the creative and cultural perspectives he has observed into glass sculpture.

More information about Layne Verbeek on his website

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