Marcelo Pazan

Fine Artist

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Marcelo Leonardo Pazán is both a traditional and a computer graphic artist. Originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, Pazán now lives in Port Credit. He attended the Faculty of Architectural Sciences at the University of Toronto for one year and then attained a Certificate in Computer Graphics from Toronto’s Academy of Merchandising and Design. Over the past thirty years, Pazán has created a variety of traditional and computer graphic art pieces which have displayed his multifaceted interests in design, colour, and texture. Pazán has been exhibiting his works of art since 1992 and now has a permanent exhibit at his own art gallery and studio: Pazán Gallery. For 17 years, Pazán worked as a graphic artist for the Toronto Star. He now works as a full-time professional artist and is the owner of the Pazán Gallery located in Mississauga.

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