Nancy Newman

Handbag Designer

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Women’s work – sewing, designing patterns and textile prints, weaving,  dyeing – this has been my life.   After running my own children’s clothing company, selling wholesale and retail through my own store on the Danforth, I decided to go back to school, and graduated from the Textile Studio at Sheridan College of Art and Design in 2003.  My studio was set up and my career as a weaver, for the next decade, enabled me to explore dyeing and complicated weave structures.

From my studio in Uxbridge Ontario, I now create bags from vintage and hand made textiles from around the world. There are artists the world over who daily create beautiful, functional textiles. They put their heart and soul, as well as skill, from their years of practice, into these pieces.

I am committed to honouring the work of these artists by transforming their fabrics into bags that are beautiful, useful and durable. No two are alike, and each is a functional work of art, respecting past cultures, textile traditions and the importance of ‘women’s work’ in our every day lives, carrying the patina and character of their past with them.

Each Nancy Newman Textiles piece is an extraordinary product, expertly handcrafted and absolutely unique, made just for you.

More information about Nancy Newman  and her work can be found on her website

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