Rekha Pevekar

Fine Artist

Rekha Pevekar-300 lg

My passion in painting began many years ago, as I hail from a rich artistic family from east India, which has had a great impact on my visual art talent and given me an opportunity to become a self-trained artist.

I travel far and distant places with my camera and my shots reveal my true inner self.  Spectacular views of real life and the beauty of nature seen through my camera drive me to painting and these images are then transformed through my heart and soul into my art work. I paint all subjects from florals to landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and also portraits.  Each subject is a challenge for me but I enjoy it and try to remain close to the likeness of my original photo.  My paintings move toward realism; however, I use other methods and varied ideas according to the subject matter.

Luminous colour excites me, and I am fascinated by light and its interpretations in a transparent medium to create settings and atmosphere.  My medium is oil paint using traditional layers of glazes.

Many galleries and shows display my art exhibits and my participation has won many coveted awards.

Painting has become my passion. It not only gives me great pleasure in itself, but I also become more satisfied and complete when my work evokes enjoyment in the viewer.

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